Ceasar Grahix is a printing company in Nigeria with a tradition of partnering with clients rather than simply servicing them. We work diligently to maintain the standards of high quality and impeccable customer service we’ve provided since 2010.


We are a publication printer and digital solution provider with innovation and excellence in the industry and a commitment to provide the publishing market with complete content solutions. Because our focus is the publication industry, our customers can be sure our research and investments are going toward innovations that will directly benefit their business.


With the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls it is our goal to take additional steps toward quality.


At Ceasar Graphix, we understand that the print and publishing industry is evolving. You need more than a printer. That’s why we look to offer our customer-partners options for addtional growth and revenue generating options in this digital age. We pride ourselves in quality, dedication to honest pricing with unparalleled service. Firm, Fair & Friendly since 2014.






We Rock Design !

Ceasar Graphix was established in 2009 by an experienced design professional with a focus of providing affordable high quality design education for everyone. It was built by Designers for Designers.


Our students obtain a rigorous and wide-ranging design education including tutorials, lectures, productions, collaborations, mentor-ship with working professionals, workshops, and insights from various guest speakers.


Our faculty are working professionals who love to teach. You will be learning directly from professional artists and designers. You are being taught and mentored by the best talent in the industry. They bring the real-world experience to your class sessions.


Our art & design culture was created from the very roots of the start-up. We transform our aspiring student artists and designers into professional problem solving creative thinkers.


We have the best uniquely designed courses featuring most of all the art, design and digital media topics. We deliver excellent courses in keeping pace with the industry for creative careers.



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