Let Us Create a Logo Design That Is Uniquely You.

We start our logo design process by learning about you. We take the time to learn about you, your corporate character, your products and services, and your clients. This includes:

Stage 1 - Research

Learning about your company's products and services.

Gaining an understanding of your target market and how they benefit from your service.

Working with you on our Logo Design Questionnaire to discover your colour preferences, tagline, competitive advantages etc.


Stage 2 - Conceptual Work

Now it's time for our designers to move to the drawing board, combining your input with their creative talents to develop workable visuals for your logo design:

Create initial concepts, either by hand or on the computer, with quick sketches of ideas and initial positioning of elements.

Experiment with typefaces and fonts for wordmark logo designs.


Stage 3 - Refinement of Concepts

Once we have the basics in place, we set about elevating your design to the next level. We will:

Colour your world with a precise colour palette that will help to keep your image consistent, either with your established brand or your new options.

Refine typefaces with an ideal balance of spacing and customization.

Polish 5 concepts that we will present to you for your consideration. We set out to "wow" you; if we impress you, you will impress your clients.



Stage 4 - Feedback from You

It's your turn to let us know how we did:

Share your feedback with us as to which concepts resonate with your vision of and for your business.

Choose one concept from the five provided to be the focus of further ehancements.

We listen to you and discuss your options before implementing any changes you request.

After the final revisions and your thumbs-up on the finished logo design, we will create a logo standards package for you. This provides you with everything you need to make the most of your new logo in all of your promotional materials, including:

Your New Logo in a range of formats, ready to go for a wide variety of applications in web or print.

A Style Guide with information on colours and fonts used to help maintain a consistent brand for your new logo.


You're now ready to show your captivating new image to the world!



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