One of the most vital and important steps in the commercial printing process is the prepress step. This step helps guarantee that the customers are getting the marketing and printed materials that they want and need. Our printing house can make sure the prepress step of the printing process is effortless by making it a smooth and easy process.

Prepress is the step that occurs in between when a customer creates a print layout and when that layout goes to a final printing. It is essentially used as an editing phase, where the customers are able to go over copy-editing, font size, typesetting, markups, and layout and make any necessary changes.


Modern technology has improved the prepress step of the printing process. Customers are sent a PDF file where they can essentially see the layout of the entire final product. This visual layout allows our customers to make changes that will allow them to receive a final product that they want and need for their marketing and advertising purposes.


This step of the printing process also helps protect the customer against potential errors. Spelling and grammar errors that appear on marketing or advertising materials can make a company look unprofessional. The prepress step allows customers to look over the copywriting that appears on the materials and spot and fix any spelling or grammar errors.


Prepress may be an extra step that many view as prolonging the printing process, but the benefits of this printing house step far outweigh the negatives. The biggest benefit is the ability for customers to spot potential problems before they go to print. This can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


Customers are able to proof everything from font size to resolution. This prevents the printing house from printing out the materials, only to discover a problem and have a need to reprint them up. This step saves money, time, and reduces stress.



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